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Specializing in historic preservation and construction of masonry structures

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Stone Restoration & Stabilization
Lime Plaster & Daubing Applications
Specialty Restoration
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Documentation, tear down and rebuild, Spalled Brick Repair, Historic brick construction, Historic brick rebuilds and repairs, Crack repairs and injections, Lime mortar matching and repointing, custom brick replacement 

Traditional Stone Construction, Historic stone repairs and rebuilds,  crack repair and injections, mortar matching and repointing, Architectural stone repairs and setting, cast stone repairs and setting, documentation, tear down and accurate rebuild, helical anchor installation

Traditional three coat lime plaster application, Lime plaster over stone, brick, wood or metal lath, Historic plaster repairs, Lime mortar daubing, Exterior stucco, Mineral Paint applications in any color, Latex paint remediation

Lime mortar applications and injections, Jahn mortar repairs, Mineral paint applications, Earthen floor installation, Artisan plaster, Natural building, Historic brickyard installation, Custom brick production



  • Documentation, tear down and rebuild

  • Spalled Brick Repair

  •  Historic Brick Construction

  • Historic Brick rebuilds and repairs

  •  Crack repairs and injections

  •  Lime Mortar Matching and Repointing

  • Traditional Stone Construction

  • Historic Stone Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Crack Repair and Injections

  • Mortar Matching and Repointing

  • Architectural Stone Repairs and Setting

  • Cast Stone Repairs and Setting

  • Documentation, tear down and accurate rebuild

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Lime Plaster & Daubing



  • Traditional three coat lime plaster application

  • Lime plaster over stone, brick, wood or metal lath

  • Historic plaster repairs

  • Lime mortar daubing

  • Exterior stucco

  • Mineral Paint applications

  • Latex paint remediation

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Specialty Masonry Restoration

  • Latex Paint Removal

  • Mineral Paint Application

  • Salt Mitigation

  • Lime mortar pointing and injections

  • Jahn mortar repairs

  • Earthen Floor Installation 

  • Artisan plaster

  • Natural building

  • Handmade Brick Making

  • Historic Preservation Assessments

  • Comprehensive scope of work reports

  • Historic masonry bid package

  • Mitigation Reports

  • Architectural designs and drawings 



We are the masonry restoration experts who are trusted to work on some of the nation's most notable historic landmarks and buildings

Dominion Traditional Building Group specializes in historic masonry restoration of structures predating 1900. We accomplish repairs and rebuilds of all types of historic masonry including stone, brick, and traditional three coat lime plaster and daubing with the use of historically accurate and compatible materials.


Our lead craftsmen have advanced certifications and expert knowledge in lime mortar applications and injections, Jahn mortar repairs, masonry cleaners, salt mitigation, brick repairs,  latex paint removal and mineral paint application.


We also offer project management, historic preservation assessments, comprehensive scope of work reports, and architectural design and drawings.


We are a CLASS A contractor. We are a WOSB and WBE certified company. We work with architectural firms, foundations and preservationists, Federal, State and Local governments as well as private clients.



Year Established







Awards Won


Featured Projects

James Madison's 

Belmont Horseshoe Staircase

Thomas Jefferson's Gristmill at Shadwell

Fort Pleasant
Old Fields, WV.

Bethlehem United
Church of Christ

Chapman / Beverly Mill

Home Repairs

Buzzard's Roost
Civil War Graffiti

Senior Project Manager Tim Winther

Founder / Senior Project Manager


Founder / President/ CFO


Project Manager / Craftsman

Sam Biggers.jpg

Director of Preservation Services


Justin Rivenburgh

Project Manager/ Craftsman

zion lawrence tim_edited.jpg

Lawrence King

Operations Manager


Hunter Shakelford

Project Manager/ Craftsman


Zion Peart

Maryland Contractor / Salesman / Craftsman


Glenn Courson

Special Projects Manager / Craftsman


Terry Dubeau

Mason / Craftswoman


Clay Ondrick

Mason / Craftsman


Marvin Campbell

Mason / Craftsman




Awards and Articles featuring
Dominion Traditional Building Group

Historic Fredericksburg Award

E. Boyd Graves Preservation Award of Excellence for Belmont Horseshoe Staircase

shadwell original drawing

Preservation Virginia 2022 Gabriella Page Preservation Award

Preservation Virginia Award for St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church

2022 Gabriella Page Preservation Award from Preservation Virginia

Preservation mag_edited

National Trust for Historic Preservation Article

Broad Run Lifestyle article_edited

Broad Run Lifestyle Article

cville weekly article on shadwell

C'Ville Weekly Article on Thomas Jefferson's Gristmill at Shadwell

Article on Plaster in C'ville Abode

Article on plaster work in C'ville Abode

Twin Chimneys at Smith Mountain Lake

Dudley Twin Chimneys at Smith Mountain Lake

Award and Articles
St. Andrews_Roanoke.tif

"It was a pleasure to have Dominion Traditional Building Group on site at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church for our latest construction project. Your expertise was invaluable in making sure St. Andrew's will be sound for future generations to gather and worship. The estimated completion for the project was two years, but you made it happen in 19 months. Your team battled Mother Nature at times, but they never quit and always found a way to move forward. We appreciate your eye for detail. We would be honored to recommend Dominion Traditional Building Group to your potential clients, so please do not hesitate to have them contact us. Again, thank you for your commitment to St. Andrew's and the outstanding work your did.

- Father Kevin L. Segerblom


- Wayne C. Gould

Project Manager

Bethlehem work.jpg

“I am very pleased to recommend Dominion Traditional Building Group, Tim Winther and his crew.  They have been the best team of stone masons by far of the many I have worked with over the years.  He and his team are always willing to learn, his involvement with Jim Price of Virginia Lime Works has enabled Tim and his team to learn from the master of lime work in the US.” “ Tim has a great deal of lime mortar wall injection experience.  He has continued to refine the process.  Few other firms have this method, knowledge or experience in injecting mortar into standing stone walls where the historic mortar has leached away without having to reduce and rebuild the walls to reach the full depth of the bed joints.”

- Douglass C. Reed

Historic Structures Consultant

Preservation Associates, INC.


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"Tim and his men were very aware of their historic surroundings and to the needs of the President Woodrow Wilson House. The crew was restoring our historic garden stone wall.  The care and concern and attention to detail went above and beyond the call of duty on this job.  They even vacuumed the wall and mess when cleaning up.  The respect and admiration they had for our historic site was refreshing in that it is not just a job but a passion to preserve the past for the future." ​

- John Pucher




2340 S Street, NW,  Washington, DC 20008




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 540-326-1882 or fill out the form below

Head Office

6634 Wilson Rd.  Marshall, Virginia. 20115

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