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Chapman / Beverly Mill

Bull Run, VA. (circa 1742)

The historic mill was the victim of a fire that destroyed all if its wood framing members.  This included the roof and five floors of the mill.  The interior stone walls of the mill  also shattered and cracked when the cold water of the firefighting efforts met extremely hot stone walls.  The heavy wood and stone lintels above the windows and door openings were either burned or cracked. An organization called “turn the Mill Around Campaign” hired us to make repairs to the mill that would make it safe for visitors to enter and view the interior of the mill.  

Our work consisted of interior masonry stabilization and the replacement of stone and wood lintels. We rebuilt sections to look like the original work and injected lime mortar to fill any voids in the walls.   The new stone lintels were found in a local quarry, cut down to size and set in the openings above the windows.  The average weight of each replacement stone was 800 lbs.  We covered the exposed top of the walls with lead flashing to prevent any water from entering the interior of the walls and causing further damage.

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