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National Trust for Historic Preservation 

James Madison’s
(Circa 1764)

Dominion Traditional Building Group has completed the masonry portion of historic reproductions of 6 outbuildings at Montpelier.  These six outbuildings include  two slave duplexes, a smoke house, spinners cottage, summer kitchen, and temple.  We also built a brick yard and handmade bricks for use in the summer kitchen and spinners cottage.  In addition we installed an earthen floor in the basement of the main mansion.   For each building we used traditional building materials and methods to match the original structure.  More specifically our scope of work included encapsulating any remaining original masonry features discovered during archaeological work.  Once encapsulated, we recreated the foundation of each building in either stone or brick on the original site.  We also rebuilt the chimneys where they had originally been built.   

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