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Saint Andrew's Roman Catholic Church

Roanoke, Virginia.   (Circa 1889)

Our masonry restoration of St. Andrews Roman Catholic Chuch was completed in two phases. PHASE 1 (completed 10/2014) The first step of this restoration project was the documentation of stone and brick elements on the two large steeples. The scope of work included dismantling stone and brick components and rebuilding steeples following replacement of wood and copper elements. Once rebuild was completed the exterior brick was repointed using lime based mortar. PHASE 2 (completed 9/2020) For this phase of the restoration of Saint Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, we were contracted to cut out and repoint 24,000 square feet of the exterior of the historic brick church. We rebuilt two chimneys and 6 pinnacles, and replaced brick below the water table. Finally, we cleaned and sealed the exterior brick.

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