Meet Our Experts

Tim Winther:

Senior Project Manager,


Tim has over 25 years of experience in the field of construction. He has devoted the past 12 years to the masonry restoration trades. He is skilled in all aspects of the work performed by DTBG and assures that the high standards of the company are met on every project. Tim manages our field operations and consulting services.

Mike Ondrick:

Project Manager,


Mike brings over 30 years of architectural design and construction field experience to DTBG. He is well versed in both historic and modern construction techniques, having been involved in the design and construction of over 1800 structures. He is responsible for the documentation of building components prior to disassembly, field drawings, layout prior to re assembly, as built drawings, and field verification during construction. As one of our primary craftsmen, Mike is involved in a hands on manner with all aspects of the building and restoration process. 

Dominion Traditional Building Group provides a full range of masonry restoration services.  These include work with brick, stone, and traditional three coat lime plaster.  We also offer new custom masonry design and execution.  Each of our craftsmen has at least ten years of field experience in masonry and restoration.  Additional services include project consultation, project management, training and needed field drawings.