Beverly/ Chapman's Mill (circa 1742)
Broad Run, VA

The historic mill was the victim of a fire that destroyed all if its wood framing members.  This included the roof and five floors of the mill.  The interior stone walls of the mill  also shattered and cracked when the cold water of the firefighting efforts met extremely hot stone walls.  The heavy wood and stone lintels above the windows and door openings were either burned or cracked. An organization called “turn the Mill Around Campaign” hired us to make repairs to the mill that would make it safe for visitors to enter and view the interior of the mill.  

Our work consisted of interior masonry stabilization and the replacement of stone and wood lintels. We rebuilt sections to look like the original work and injected lime mortar to fill any voids in the walls.   The new stone lintels were found in a local quarry, cut down to size and set in the openings above the windows.  The average weight of each replacement stone was 800 lbs.  We covered the exposed top of the walls with lead flashing to prevent any water from entering the interior of the walls and causing further damage.

Ft.Pleasant (circa 1790)
Old Fields, WV

In this project the entire gable end of historic Fort Pleasant collapsed. We supported 1/3rd of the roof structure. Then we removed the remaining bricks and window units below the roof as well as the remaining wood structures.. Rebuilding began with pouring new footings to support the rebuilt structure. We rebuilt 1/3rd of Fort Pleasant using salvaged brick and lime mortar including four fireboxes and two chimneys. Compatible lime mortar injections were also used to stabilize parts of the home we did not rebuild.

Featured Work

Gilboa Church (circa 1858)
Mineral, VA

This project consisted of repairing damage to the church incurred during the earthquake on August 23, 2011. We began by temporarily supporting the roof and then removed approximately 6 feet of the eave walls from the roof to just below the lintel height of the windows. Both front corners were taken down to the footing. The eave walls were pushed back into place. Lime mortar was injected into areas not dismantled and rebuilt. The rebuilt brick sections were pointed to match the original in color and strike. Additional work included plastering the entire interior of the church using three coat lime plaster.

Aldie Mill (circa 1807)

Aldie, VA

Our scope of work included the stabilization of the stone foundation and brick walls as well as rebuilding of stone and brick wall sections of historic Aldie Mill.  We rebuilt brick arches above windows, replaced spalled bricks and repointing of deteriorated mortar joints with lime mortar. Mortar injections were done to the entire stone foundation using lime mortar.

Franklin Historic Barn (circa 1860)
Thurmont, MD

We rebuilt 1/3rd of the barn foundation to match the original exactly.  To accomplish this we used photos and labeled the stones to be able to replace them in their original locations.  We used lime mortar injections for stabilization and repointed the entire foundation.  We also repaired and replaced sections of the foundation of the house.  The entire house foundation was repointed to match the original.

Bethlehem Church (circa 1845)
Broadway, VA

Our work on historic Bethlehem Church included stabilizing and rebuilding the walls of the church which were damaged during the Civil War.  We removed the pointing from the entire building and injected the walls with lime mortar.  Sections of the walls were documented, dismantled and rebuilt from photographs.  The entire building was repointed using lime mortar.

Historic Cuckoo House (circa 1819)
Louisa County, VA
This project consisted of repairing damage to the house incurred during the recent earthquakes that hit Mineral, VA.  This project involved the shoring up of floors and roof systems.  All unstable areas of brick were removed. Any voids or cracks in the remaining walls were filled and/or injected with compatible lime mortar.  All needed areas were rebuilt using salvaged and replacement brick.  The scope of work included rebuilding 3 fire boxes and five chimneys.  Upon completion of the brick repairs, 80% of the interior walls were plaster using 3 coat lime plaster.
St Andrews Church (circa 1819)

Roanoke, VA

Our work on this project included the repointing of 800 s.f. of exterior brick masonry with

color matched lime mortar, replacing damaged brick as needed, the documentation of the upper tower masonry units including all pinnacles and pediments, and their subsequent rebuilding. Following the rebuilding all stone and masonry units were cleaned.

Woodlawn (circa 1800)

Alexandria, VA

Our work on this project included the stabilization of a retaining wall, the rebuilding of a garden wall arch, brick replacement and spot pointing, the installation of two brick walls at the entrances to the museum house, and the stabilization / rebuilding of sections of the brick foundation at the caretakers house.

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